Nathan Moody : Heliopause
Intrusive Thoughts
i Shout for The Fall
The Veneer Fades
Nathan Moody : Chrysalis
The Hidden Cost EP
The Punisher
Orgasm Addict Reframed
Nine Inch Nails: Add Violence
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross : The Vietnam War
Chelsea Wolfe : Hiss Spun
Nine Inch Nails : Not The Actual Events Vinyl EP
Catalog of Failure, vol VI
Before The Flood — Soundtrack
Nine Inch Nails: NTAE — Physical Component
Westworld Illustration
2016 SOTA Typography Award
Story Machine
Catalog of Failure vol. V
Catalog of Failure vol. IV
2015 SOTA Typography Award
Bad Summer — Cover
Gramercy Pictures
50 Shades of Grey
Catalog of Failure vol. III
Boardwalk Empire
2014 SOTA Typography Award
Under The Skin
Big Significant Things
Wild Canaries
Wrapping Paper
Food Dye Photography
Son Of God
Franz Ferdinand : Love Illumination : Type
Catalog of Failure
Catalog of Failure vol. II
The Sarnos
Stolen Music Club
The Devil Wears Prada Logo
Ne10 Stencil
The Sopranos
The Birds
Depeche Mode — Sounds Of The Universe
American Splendor
Where The Wild Things Are
Lost In Translation
Ne10 Typeface
Fighting Records
The Sixth Sense
Area Typeface
Lie To Me
Spectacle — Music Video Exhibition for the CAC Museum
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